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Our partners engage with our vision

Collaboration with our partners and alliances brings exciting new dimensions to our work that we greatly value and appreciate as we continue to expand our services and offerings.


Nyenrode is a business university, founded in 1946 by captains of industry. 'For business, by business' has been their motto ever since. Nyenrode has created an environment in which ambitious students, business leaders and academics are dedicated to bridging academic rigour and daily business practice.


Relais is an outdoors playground and learning facility offering the opportunity for discovery and reflection. Reflection is the starting point that brings organisations strength and inspiration to move forward. They bring great enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to their clients. See the forest for the trees!

Frank van Driel Photography

Frank van Driel is a talented photographic artist, whose high quality work has a clear personal stamp. With his flair and creativity he is able to portray people in their core essence. His creative approach is organic and fluid and relentlessly focused on the perfect outcome.  

Hotel Landgoed Zonheuvel

Landgoed Zonheuvel is our partner for retreats and workshops in the Netherlands, beautifully located in the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Zonheuvel offers a unique sustainable property in the woods, providing the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to complete the retreat experience for our participants.