Collective leadership.
Survive or thrive?

People and organisations are stretched to their limits in today’s dynamic environment. Our old ways don’t work anymore in this new era of ideas and transformation. Although they might help us survive, they will not make us thrive. We are so focused on technological innovation that we often forget the other crucial part: human innovation. Collective leadership supports leaders to let go of old ways, reinvent themselves and adopt crucial new qualities: leading from our hearts and increasing our systems awareness.

What is

Collective leadership is a new way of leading and co-creating in organisations and society. It is systemic and agile, and uses your whole body intelligence – in head, heart and gut.

We know that if we focus on culture change and raising the consciousness of the collective whole, each individual will benefit. It is about creating the ideal circumstances for people to flourish. In a healthy, connected and agile workplace, people can co-create in more effective, creative and meaningful ways. Together we can make use of the collective wisdom and innovate for sustainable change – for something new and better!

We use the metaphor of a flock
of geese to explain what it is about…

Geese fly in a V-formation, which protects them from the wind. There is no hierarchy; each takes it in turn to be the leader, to be in the middle, or to take up the rear. They shift and re-pattern their system according to the needs of the moment. The whole flock is connected and stays in formation, even as individual positions change. They sense collectively when to move, change direction or stop, in tune with the wider system around them. They all stay focused and encourage each other by honking. Like them, we need the whole system in order to be at our full potential. We are only as strong as our weakest link!

Facilitating people transformation.

PresenceAtWork offers a clear and tested road map to support organisations on their transformation journey. We like to see ourselves as ‘facilitators of people transformation’ and have specialised in developing and implementing Collective Leadership in organisations since 2010. Our unique approach and leading-edge models enable human innovation and profound culture change to happen in organisations and society.

What if we could work together in
organisations as systemic, adaptable and
agile as a flock of geese?

The geese metaphor inspired us to develop our collective leadership programmes. Being a collective leader requires us to think and behave with systems awareness, like the geese – that is what makes them so systemic, adaptable and agile. It starts with knowing everyone’s strengths, and how to leverage these together using our whole body intelligence and the wisdom of the group. When we come together with deep awareness, heart connection and shared purpose, it becomes much easier to connect, contribute and take ownership for the whole, instead of operating in our separate silos.

Our formula.

What makes our
programmes different
from anything you
have experienced?

Getting started.

There are many ways to get started on your journey and we are dedicated to finding the best way for you. Our portfolio of offerings is divided over three main categories. It can be as affordable as exploring your (team’s) natural talents with our embodied assessment method called LBSI©; and it can be as impactful as our long-term transformation programmes and leading-edge personal development programme. The choice is yours!

“It has helped me meet others where they are, without judgement.”

The Collective Leadership programme came at a point when I was so busy that I could barely slow down. It was perfect timing, even though it was quite a challenge. Afterwards, I started to lean more on my own strengths. If somebody disagrees, I remain curious about their reasons. It has helped me meet others where they are, without judgement.

In management team meetings, I used to take notes on my laptop. Now I do not open my laptop, so that I can pay attention to what people are saying, their non-verbal language, and reading the team dynamics.

We’re making collective decisions that have more impact because every- body believes in them. I want to take this much further in my department. I’d like everybody to experience what I’ve experienced. Knowing yourself and how you can work with each other takes you and your company a long way.

Pauline Derkman-Oosterom
Director Levensverzekeringen,
ASR Nederland N.V.LBSI   1257testimonials