Meet our team.

We are a global network of experienced corporate leaders, facilitators and certified coaches. We facilitate people and organisational transformation across industries, cultures and continents. As a community, we hold a compelling purpose to bring (more) heart, agility and joy into organisations.

Meet our community.

Our members, whether at PresenceAtWork or in their corporate roles, have broad business backgrounds. In particular they are accredited in our collective leadership methodology, inspired and building on top of the work of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the Center for Right Relationship (CRR) and the Presencing Institute - Theory U (PI).

Core PresenceAtWork team.

Pay it forward community.

Business Advisory Board.

Core values: Our guiding principles.

Connecting with love.

Opening up your heart, always coming from love, inclusion, appreciation and making connections.

Growing your consciousness.

Committed to ongoing development, creating awareness and raising consciousness.

Getting it done.

Being fierce, daring and out there, with the determination and courage to get it done.

Co-creating from collective strength.

Leveraging everyone’s strength, giving back and being generous, in service of the whole.

Walking the ‘green line’.

Moving in an organic, agile, flexible and systemic way, ready to adapt to what is emerging.