Pay it forward.
Taking our work further.

At PresenceAtWork we are inspired by and strongly believe in the concept of “paying it forward”: “I will take the experience I have had and pay it forward to others whenever I can.” This is a great way to touch as many people as possible with our high dream of reaching the next stage of human development in organisations and society.

Be involved with our work.

Our clients and ambassadors are already helping us to realise this dream, by being involved in our work in many different ways. Take part in one of our programmes and join our global community of people practicing Collective Leadership. From there, you can take it further and pay it forward…

What is collective leadership

… in your organisation

and client licensing.

Making transformation scalable and sustainable by enabling your key leaders to co-lead the transformation in your organisation, role-model new behaviours and empower your people. Based on our train-the-trainer solutions and licensing models, we make all the arrangements; your leaders just have to step in!

… cross industry

Business leaders
for business leaders.

Involving clients in taking our work to other organisations and sectors. Inspired by their own experience, they co-facilitate retreats, join events, are keynote speakers and co-host meetings – and take the new insights back to their own company. Part of the revenues from this ‘boundary-less participation’ is used to fund our PresenceAtSchool foundation.

… to future generations


Giving back to society by investing in making our future generations thrive. In our view, every company should – at least partly – operate like aN NGO, allocating some revenues to an important cause. What better way to give back than to support and develop future generations today, as they will be the leaders in organisations tomorrow?
How can I contribute?

“It has deepened the way we express ourselves.”

I used to feel like I had to excel at everything, which was limiting my growth. The Collective Leadership programme allowed me to relax and feel confi- dent about what I am already good at and it increased my awareness of what’s going on within me and in the space around me.

In my Allies retreat, I felt cautious at first since they were all strangers. However, fairly quickly I felt we were in a safe space and I made the conscious decision to open myself up to really benefit from the programme.

As a trainer, I love the solidity of the programme and how easily it unfolds. I’m proud of the development my team experienced and how they took care of each other. It’s only been a few days and I already see how it has deepened the way we express ourselves. For instance, when evaluating an interview with a potential client, we went deeper than just the content. This allows me to give more precise coaching and support their growth.

Henk Meijer
Managing Partner at Into Control ConsultingLBSI   1238

“I can trust others to do what they are best at.”

I knew that if I wanted to grow my business, I had to change myself. Once I started with the programme, I felt Collective Leadership was the way to go. I had been taking all the decisions, which is not always necessary. I learned I can trust others to do what they are best at.

I have grown into a better version of myself because I have learnt to better understand other people. Before, when somebody was falling behind, I would have increased the pressure on them. Now, I ask myself: Maybe what am I asking of them isn’t their special talent? Is there somebody else that can step in with the talent to solve this problem? We are more effective.

We are taking all this work forward by facilitating retreats ourselves with the whole team.

Bart de Goede
Director | Owner,Ygrec Finance B.V.LBSI   2357