Leader Being Strength Indicator.
LBSI assessment and
team development programme.

Critical and central to our Collective Leadership approach is our proprietary body-centred assessment methodology known as Leader Being Strength Indicator© (“LBSI”). Explained in the simplest way, LBSI is a profiling methodology to help you understand yourself, the people around you and the dynamics of your team. However, such a simple description greatly underplays how distinctive and innovative LBSI is.

So, what
is it really?

It is a unique, pioneering method of assessing people’s natural strengths, talents and preferences by connecting them to their full, embodied intelligence – in head, heart and gut.

This capability is inside all of us, waiting to be accessed and released, if only we knew how. LBSI is experiential and focused on wholeness, not on labeling people or putting them in boxes, and it makes the systems of which we are a part visible. These distinctive features are what make it unique.


Integrate body
intelligence in head, heart and gut.

LBSI tests the whole body, not (only) relying on the brain to complete a questionnaire or interview. Body learning is extremely fast, as you rapidly absorb the insights you gain from experiencing them physically.


Understand different
talents and lead
from human dynamics.

LBSI trains people to understand and lead from the dynamics of the team. Understanding the nuances of your own profile is a first step. The next is to understand and work with the profiles of other people.


Map talents for effective team performance:
lead or follow?

LBSI maps teams using sophisticated constellation models to show how to leverage all available talents. These models are used to meet business needs, develop strategy, lead transformation or consolidate change.

does it

LBSI tests nine ‘power centres’ in the body, which represent different areas of strength. The technique uses a martial arts approach – testing how much physical pressure you can absorb when standing in different postures. It is not about physical strength or pushing back. It is about how grounded you are when focusing your attention on each of these nine centres. Your greatest areas of talent are where you naturally are best able to absorb the force, while remaining solid and balanced.

choose LBSI?

LBSI provides immediate revelations about people’s preferred leadership styles, personal impact and how to work better together, supported by our LBSI Software application.

With the embodied assessment and personal report as a starting point, we offer LBSI follow-up programmes focused on deepening insights, personal development and increasing team performance.

Do your current people development programmes contain elements like
LBSI, which are focused
on embodied learning and systems thinking?

We strongly believe these elements are a pre-requisite to reinvent ourselves as humans and learn how to thrive in the new era of ideas and transformation. If you want to anticipate what the future holds, increase awareness of your whole body intelligence and take your people to the next stage of human development, give us a call!
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Read all about it.

If you want to read more about how LBSI works, its impact in organisations, its scientific
background and how it was developed,
we invite you to read our LBSI White Paper.

LBSI assessment
and team

LBSI White Paper:
“An embodied method
for assessing people’s talents”


“I deliberately shut up or speak up depending on what the process needs.”

The management team (MT) I had joined at the time, was totally different from other MTs I had been part of before. You could notice it in the way we made time to listen to each other and how decisions were taken. That made me curious about the Collective Leadership programme they had joined.

I had a pretty good understanding of what I was capable of and during the programme I started to reflect on what I actually wanted to bring to this world. Now, I’m better able to steer my career because I’m more aware of where I’m the happiest to contribute. The LBSI assessment was instrumental in realising when I’m at my best.

With LBSI, you cannot pretend to be someone else. The LBSI workshop I introduced in my team allowed us to better address issues since everybody learnt about the impact they have because of who they are. Now I play with my impact by deliberately shutting up or speaking up depending on what the process or my team needs. I’ve become more flexible in the way I act.

Marielle van de Merbel
Deputy Chief Innovation & Digital
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