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The Love Empowers message is that the more we love ourselves, the more inclusive we become. This book, online community and training offerings support you to raise your consciousness and provide practical guidance to get you out of your head, to start leading from the heart. 

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Become a member of this inspiring community of leaders to truly live Collective Leadership with your people and pay it forward in exciting new ways. Members learn how to lead from a higher state of consciousness, creating a safe space for their people to flourish. This community supports and prepares senior leaders to journey inside for advanced personal growth and is perfect if you are looking for new ways to propel personal development forward.
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Joining this community is a great opportunity to be closely involved with like-minded peers, their businesses and their growth, sharing best practices as we progress. It is a chance to co-create and be at the forefront of new developments for organisations and people.

Learn how to truly create the circumstances for your people to make profound culture change happen and Collective Leadership flourish. Your state of being as a leader determines whether your organisation will survive or thrive!

What is collective leadership

“Humanity is the core of what PresenceAtWork does.”

In the last 30 years, the development programmes I’ve been to are often about what’s wrong with you. It’s refreshing now to discover a training that is focused on what’s right with you, and playing from that position of strength.

Showing up and fully being myself was confronting at times but the retreat setting really helps you to realise that it’s okay. It’s like being a little boy again: having permission and curiosity again to do things that can get squashed when you became an adult. I now feel more connected to what’s going on, not just conceptually but physically.

The programme is really a profound shift in how people collaborate and connect with each other: With so much terrible stuff happening in the world today we need to counterbalance it with the humanity that comes from knowing and accepting ourselves and others at a deep level. That is the core of what PresenceAtWork does.

Jonathan Greenwood
Customer Experience ConsultantLBSI   1256

“A very powerful way to shift the leadership paradigm.”

I’d grown rather cynical about corporate organizations and I’d been wondering: Isn’t there a way for people to let go of their egos so we can work together as a true team and get better results?

I’ve always believed in the importance of inclusiveness. What really appealed to me about the programme was the idea of the collective leader who steps in or out whenever she can add value. During the retreats, I realised it takes a paradigm shift to see everyone as an equal who can contribute every bit as much as I can. Luckily, the programme is very conducive to people letting go of belief systems they might be stuck in.

It’s a very powerful way to shift people into leading collectively and inclusively. I will continue to carry the flame of Collective Leadership and I look forward to an opportunity to accelerate positive change in the business world.

Daniel Bednar
International Private Equity CFOLBSI   1267